• Ethan Frome (unabridged)

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Adam Sims brings us Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton’s stark and tragic novel about innocent love, while Robert G. Slade narrates My Ántonia, Willa Cather’s lyrical tribute to America’s bygone pioneer life. We also have more fiction by Honoré de Balzac with Cousin Bette, a classic tale of obsession and self-destruction, read by Bill Homewood, and Christine de Pizan’s impassioned defence of women, The Book of the City of Ladies, read by Georgina Sutton.

Ethan Frome (unabridged)

Set deep in the remote countryside of Massachusetts, New England, in a world of small-town prejudice, pettiness and rural poverty, the story of Ethan Frome

The Book of the City of Ladies (unabridged)

Shocked and distressed by a male writer’s vilification of women, Christine de Pizan has a powerful dreamlike vision in which she is visited by three personified Virtues…

Cousin Bette (unabridged)

Lisbeth Fischer has lived in the shadow of her beautiful cousin Adeline for much of her life. Pampered while Lisbeth works in the fields, Adeline makes an enviable…

My Ántonia (unabridged)

Orphaned at the age of 10, Jim Burden moves to Nebraska to live with his grandparents. There he meets Ántonia Shimerda, the daughter of an immigrant…

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