• Pride and Prejudice (unabridged)

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Juliet Stevenson completes her much-loved series of Jane Austen recordings with the author’s most celebrated novel, Pride and Prejudice. Famous for its courtship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, Austen’s enchanting evergreen novel sparkles in the hands of Stevenson, a longtime admirer of Austen’s work.

We also have Cyril Edwards’s modern prose translation of Parzival, Wolfram von Eschenbach’s epic romance about the Holy Grail, read by Leighton Pugh, as well as The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, a highly influential Christian text commended by Sir Thomas More and John Wesley, in a clear and insightful reading by Jonathan Booth.


Pride and Prejudice (unabridged)

Jane Austen’s most popular novel, originally published in 1813, some 17 years after it was first written, presents the Bennet family of Longbourn. Against the background of gossipy Mrs Bennet…

Parzival (unabridged)

The greatest of all the medieval romances about the Holy Grail, Parzival was written in the early 13th century. The narrative describes the quest of the Arthurian knight, Parzival, for the Holy Grail.

The Imitation of Christ (unabridged)

First published in 1471, the year of the author’s death, The Imitation of Christ is a highly influential Christian text. A celebration of God’s mercy, holiness and love, The Imitation is a devotional guide…

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