• The Interpretation of Dreams (unabridged)

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David Timson explores pre-Freudian dream theory with Artemidorus’ The Interpretation of Dreams, a survey of over 1,400 dream-elements and their significance. Dating from the third century AD, Artemidorus’ The Interpretation of Dreams is the only dream-book from Graeco-Roman antiquity that has survived intact. Andrew Wincott narrates News from Nowhere, William Morris’s novel about a humane socialist future set in London and Oxfordshire in 2090, and Bill Homewood brings us The Song of Roland, a magnificent tale of faith, honour, courage and treachery. We also have two readings by Nicholas Boulton: Basil by Wilkie Collins, a thrilling tale of betrayal, insanity and death, and The Charterhouse of Parma, Stendhal’s twisting tale of passion and intrigue.

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