• Ten Days that Shook the World (unabridged)

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John Reed’s phenomenal first-hand account of the October Revolution, Ten Days that Shook the World, is read by Adam Sims. Containing some of the most evocative scenes of the era, Reed’s journalistic account is a stunningly vivid snapshot of revolutionary Russia and the tumultuous events of the Bolshevik uprising. Thomas Malory’s glorious retelling of the adventures of King Arthur, Le Morte d’Arthur, famous for its magical tales of heroism, noble suitors, dragons and princesses is brought to life by the inimitable Bill Homewood, while David Timson, a much-loved reader of the classics, examines the debauched and perilous reigns of the Roman emperors in Tacitus’s Annals. We also have more tales featuring Maurice Leblanc’s legendary debonair rogue with Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes, as well as Father John Gerard’s incredible story of espionage and escape, The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest.

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