• Little Women (unabridged)

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Laurel Lefkow brings us Little Women, Louisa May Alcott’s perennially popular novel about the March sisters, which has never lost its power to move and delight. Jonathan Keeble takes listeners on a voyage into outer space in H.G. Wells’s The First Men in the Moon, and Nicholas Boulton brings us Jezebel’s Daughter, a gripping Wilkie Collins novel in the sensation tradition of works such as The Woman in White. We also have Pragmatism and The Meaning of Truththought-provoking works by the philosopher and psychologist William James, read by Adam Sims.

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‘George MacDonald… in his power to project his inner life into images, beings, landscapes which are valid for all, is one of the most remarkable writers of the nineteenth century.’ W.H. Auden George MacDonald, often lauded as the father of …


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