• Roderick Hudson (unabridged)

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We release The Woman Who Saved the Children by Clare Mulley, the award-winning biography of Save the Children founder Eglantyne Jebb. The book is read by Save the Children ambassador Joely Richardson and introduced by the author, who will donate all royalties to the charity. Brilliant, charismatic and compassionate, Eglantyne Jebb moves from drawing rooms to war zones and often defies expectations in this extraordinary story.

Adam Sims brings us Roderick Hudson, Henry James’s stunning first full-length novel, which explores the contrasting personalities of Roderick Hudson and Rowland Mallet – the former a whimsical and egotistical artist and the latter his patron, who lives vicariously through him. Meanwhile Lucy Scott reads one of the key works of mystical theology, The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Ávila – a poignant and poetic reflection on prayer, self-knowledge and God.

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