• My Bondage and My Freedom (unabridged)

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Leon Nixon narrates My Bondage and My Freedom, the powerful first autobiography by the activist and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery in 1818, Frederick Douglass made a daring bid for freedom in 1838 and went on to become one of the most famous intellectuals of his time. My Bondage and My Freedom lays bare his story, illuminating the plight of slaves, the overwhelming prejudices of the time, and the dignity and determination that led to his emancipation.

We also have The Complete Essays by Michel de Montaigne, a witty and captivating collection of essays covering everything from ancient customs to cannibals, read by Peter Wickham, as well as The Republic, Plato’s indispensable masterpiece about an ideal state and its rulers, read by Leighton Pugh.


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The Complete Essays (unabridged)

When I lately retired to my own house, with a resolution, as much as possibly I could, to avoid all manner of concern in affairs, and to spend in privacy and repose the little remainder of time I have to …


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