• At the Edge of the Night (unabridged)

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Jot Davies brings us At the Edge of the Night, Friedo Lampe’s poignant and thought-provoking work of magic realism. Evoking a sultry September evening on the waterfront of Bremen, with its charm and tenderness, squalor and lust, the novel depicts a raw reality through a stream of images. Banned by the Nazis and praised by Herman Hesse, it is a must-listen for anyone interested in the history of the Second World War or the human experience of conflict.

Leighton Pugh narrates The Man Who Disappeared (America), the first of Kafka’s three great novels, as well as Le Grand Meaulnes, Alain-Fournier’s moving depiction of adolescent love and friendship, and Adam Sims gives an award-winning, ‘tour-de-force performance’ (AudioFile Magazine) of Elmer Gantry, Sinclair Lewis’s blistering rebuke of religious hypocrisy.

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