• The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (unabridged)

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Peter Wickham narrates the death-defying adventures of Baron Munchausen. From travelling to the moon to fighting a 40-foot-long crocodile and riding a cannonball through the air, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen has entertained readers since its initial appearance in 1785. It has been the subject of several films, most notably that directed by Terry Gilliam in 1988. We also have The Way of All Flesh, Samuel Butler’s powerful critique of late Victorian beliefs and values, read by David Timson. A thinly disguised autobiographical novel, the book has been described as the ‘second-best novel in the English language’ by A.A. Milne, with George Orwell observing that ‘[Samuel Butler] would say things that other people knew but didn’t dare to say’.

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