Poetry by Title

From the Haiku master Bashō’s Narrow Road to the Interior to John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Divine Comedy: the art of poetry is beautifully and substantially represented here.

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The Aeneid (abridged)
The Aeneid (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Matthew Arnold (selections)
Beowulf (unabridged)
The Bhagavad Gita (unabridged)
The Great Poets – William Blake (selections)
The Great Poets – Robert Browning (selections)
The Great Poets – Robert Burns (selections)
The Canterbury Tales II (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales III (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales (unabridged)
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Clare (unabridged)
Classic American Poetry (unabridged)
Classic Comic Verse (selections)
Classic Erotic Verse (selections)
Classical Love Poetry (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Samuel Taylor Coleridge (selections)
The Great Poets – Emily Dickinson (selections)
Don Juan (unabridged)
The Essential Edgar Allan Poe (selections)
The Great Poets – Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti (selections)
Evgenii Onegin (unabridged)
Selections from The Faerie Queene (abridged)
The Faerie Queene (unabridged)
The Flowers of Evil (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Francesco Petrarch (selections)
The General Prologue & The Physician’s Tale (unabridged)
Great Narrative Poems of the Romantic Age (unabridged)
Great Poets of the Romantic Age (unabridged)
The Great Poets: The War Poetry of Wilfred Owen (unabridged)
Hiawatha (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Oliver Wendell Holmes (selections)
The Great Poets – Gerard Manley Hopkins (selections)
Idylls of the King (unabridged)
The Iliad (abridged)
The Iliad (unabridged)
The Inferno (unabridged)
Jason and the Argonauts (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Donne (selections)
The Kalevala (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Keats (selections)
The Great Poets – Rudyard Kipling (selections)
The Knyghte’s Tale (unabridged)
La Vita Nuova (unabridged)
The Life & Works of W.B. Yeats (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Lord Byron (selections)
The Love Poems (unabridged)
A Lover’s Gift: From Her to Him (selections)
A Lover’s Gift: From Him to Her (selections)
The Great Poets – John Masefield (selections)
The Great Poets – William McGonagall (selections)
Metamorphoses (unabridged)
The Metaphysical Poets (selections)
The Great Poets – John Milton (selections)
The Essential John Milton (selections)
Narrow Road to the Interior, Hōjōki (unabridged)
The Odyssey (abridged)
The Odyssey (unabridged)
Paradise (unabridged)
Paradise Lost (abridged)
Paradise Lost (unabridged)
Paradise Regained (unabridged)
The Pardoners Tale (unabridged)
Parzival (unabridged)
Piers Plowman (unabridged)
Poems of the Orient (selections)
The Poetic Edda (unabridged)
Poetry for the Winter Season (unabridged)
Popular Poetry, Popular Verse – Volume I (selections)
Popular Poetry, Popular Verse – Volume II (selections)
The Prelude (unabridged)
Purgatory (unabridged)
Realms of Gold (unabridged)
Sacred Elephant (unabridged)
Samson Agonistes (unabridged)
Selected Poetry by Lewis Carroll (selections)
Seven Ages (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Percy Bysshe Shelley (selections)
A Shropshire Lad (unabridged)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (unabridged)
The Song of Roland (unabridged)
The Spiritual Verses (abridged)
The Great Poets – Alfred Lord Tennyson (selections)
The Great Poets – Walt Whitman (selections)
Whale Nation (unabridged)
Winter Words (unabridged)
The Great Poets – William Wordsworth (selections)
The Great Poets – W.B. Yeats (selections)