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1,000 Years of Laughter (unabridged)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (abridged)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (unabridged)
A Child of the Jago (unabridged)
The Essential Abraham Lincoln (selections)
Adam Bede (unabridged)
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (unabridged)
The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard (unabridged)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (abridged)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (unabridged)
The Adventures of Odysseus (unabridged)
The Adventures of Roderick Random (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume I (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume II (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume III (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume IV (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume V (unabridged)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume VI (unabridged)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (abridged)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (unabridged)
The Aeneid (abridged)
The Aeneid (unabridged)
Aesop’s Fables (selections)
Afghanistan – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
Against Nature (unabridged)
The Age of Innocence (unabridged)
Agnes Grey (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Aida (unabridged)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (abridged)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (unabridged)
Allan Quatermain (unabridged)
The Ambassadors (unabridged)
The American (unabridged)
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (unabridged)
The Analects (unabridged)
Ancient Egypt – The Glory of the Pharaohs (unabridged)
Ancient Greek Philosophy – An Introduction (unabridged)
Andersen’s Fairy Tales (selections)
Anna Karenina (abridged)
Anna Karenina (unabridged)
Annals (unabridged)
Anne of Avonlea (abridged)
Anne of Green Gables (abridged)
The Antiquary (unabridged)
The Arabian Nights (abridged)
Arabian Sands (unabridged)
Aristotle – An Introduction (unabridged)
Armadale (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Matthew Arnold (selections)
Around the World in Eighty Days (abridged)
Around the World in Eighty Days (unabridged)
Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes (unabridged)
Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar (unabridged)
The Art of Literature (unabridged)
Arthur Conan Doyle, A Life (abridged)
The Aspern Papers (unabridged)
L’Assommoir (unabridged)
At the Edge of the Night (unabridged)
At the Mountains of Madness (unabridged)
The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest (unabridged)
The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie and The Gospel of Wealth (unabridged)
The Awakening (abridged)
The Aye-Aye and I (unabridged)
Life & Works – Johann Sebastian Bach (unabridged)
A Bad Birdwatcher’s Companion (unabridged)
Ballet Stories (unabridged)
Balthazar (abridged)
Balthazar (unabridged)
Opera Explained – The Barber of Seville (unabridged)
Barchester Towers (unabridged)
Barnaby Rudge (abridged)
Barnaby Rudge (unabridged)
Barry Lyndon (unabridged)
Bartleby the Scrivener and other stories (unabridged)
Basil (unabridged)
The Beast in the Jungle (unabridged)
Beasts in My Belfry (unabridged)
Beau Geste (unabridged)
Life & Works – Ludwig van Beethoven (unabridged)
The Beetle (unabridged)
Belinda (unabridged)
Ben Hur (abridged)
Beowulf (unabridged)
The Best Of Our Island Story (abridged)
The Betrothed (unabridged)
Beyond Good and Evil (unabridged)
The Bhagavad Gita (unabridged)
Billy Budd, Sailor (unabridged)
Birds in Town and Village (unabridged)
The Birth of Tragedy (unabridged)
Black Beauty (abridged)
The Black Gang (unabridged)
The Black Moth (unabridged)
The Black Tulip (unabridged)
The Great Poets – William Blake (selections)
The Blazing World (unabridged)
Bleak House (abridged)
Bleak House (unabridged)
Bliss and Other Stories (unabridged)
Blithe Spirit (unabridged)
The Body Snatcher and Other Stories (unabridged)
Boneland (unabridged)
The Book of Disquiet (unabridged)
The Book of Margery Kempe (unabridged)
The Book of the City of Ladies (unabridged)
The Book of the Courtier (unabridged)
The Bostonians (unabridged)
Life & Works – Johannes Brahms (unabridged)
A Breath of French Air (unabridged)
Brief Lives (abridged)
The Brothers Karamazov (abridged)
The Brothers Karamazov (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Robert Browning (selections)
The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path (unabridged)
Bulldog Drummond (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Robert Burns (selections)
Caleb Williams (unabridged)
The Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Call of the Wild (abridged)
The Call of the Wild (unabridged)
Camilla (unabridged)
Can You Forgive Her? (unabridged)
Candide, and Zadig (unabridged)
The Candle in the Wind & The Book of Merlyn (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales II (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales III (unabridged)
The Canterbury Tales (unabridged)
The Canterville Ghost (unabridged)
The Captive – Part I (abridged)
The Captive – Part II (abridged)
The Captive (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Carmen (unabridged)
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes – Volume I (unabridged)
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes – Volume II (unabridged)
The Castle of Otranto (abridged)
The Castle of Otranto (unabridged)
The Castle (unabridged)
Cathedrals – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Cavalleria rusticana (unabridged)
The Cellist of Sarajevo (unabridged)
Charles Dickens: A Portrait in Letters (selections)
The Charterhouse of Parma (unabridged)
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (unabridged)
Childhood, Boyhood and Youth (unabridged)
The Children of the New Forest (abridged)
Children’s Favourites (selections)
Chilling Ghost Stories (compilation)
Life & Works – Frédéric Chopin (unabridged)
A Christmas Carol (unabridged)
The Christmas Collection (unabridged)
Christmas Stories (unabridged)
City of God (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Clare (unabridged)
Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 1 (unabridged)
Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 2 (unabridged)
Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 3 (unabridged)
Classic American Poetry (unabridged)
Classic American Short Stories (unabridged)
More Classic American Short Stories (unabridged)
Classic Comic Verse (selections)
Classic Erotic Verse (selections)
Classic Fairy Stories (compilation)
Classic Ghost Stories (selections)
Classic Poems for Boys (unabridged)
Classic Poems for Girls (unabridged)
Classic Romance (unabridged)
Classic Women’s Short Stories (unabridged)
Classical Love Poetry (unabridged)
Clea (abridged)
Clea (unabridged)
The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Samuel Taylor Coleridge (selections)
Colonel Chabert (unabridged)
The Communist Manifesto (unabridged)
The Compleat Angler (unabridged)
The Complete Essays (unabridged)
The Complete Letters of Pliny the Younger (unabridged)
The Complete Mapp and Lucia, Volume 1 (unabridged)
The Complete Mapp and Lucia, Volume 2 (unabridged)
The Complete Short Stories (unabridged)
Composers’ Letters (selections)
A Concise History of France (unabridged)
A Concise History of Germany (unabridged)
A Concise History of Italy (unabridged)
A Concise History of Modern India (unabridged)
A Concise History of Spain (unabridged)
A Concise History of the United States of America (unabridged)
Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (unabridged)
The Confessions of Arsène Lupin (unabridged)
The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (unabridged)
The Confessions of St Augustine (unabridged)
Confucius – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
A Connecticut Yankee (abridged)
The Consolation of Philosophy (unabridged)
The Coral Island (abridged)
Opera Explained – Così fan tutte (unabridged)
The Cossacks (unabridged)
The Council of Justice (unabridged)
The Count of Monte Cristo (abridged)
The Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged)
Cousin Bette (unabridged)
Cousin Phillis (unabridged)
Cranford (unabridged)
Crime and Punishment (abridged)
Crime and Punishment (unabridged)
Critique of Pure Reason (unabridged)
The Crock of Gold (unabridged)
The Custom of the Country (unabridged)
Daisy Miller (unabridged)
Dangerous Liaisons (unabridged)
Daniel Deronda (unabridged)
The Dark Night of the Soul (unabridged)
The Darling Buds of May (unabridged)
Darwin – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
David Copperfield (abridged)
David Copperfield (unabridged)
De Profundis (unabridged)
The Dead Secret (unabridged)
Dead Souls (abridged)
Dead Souls (unabridged)
The Death of Arthur (Le Morte d’Arthur) (abridged)
The Death of Ivan Ilyich (unabridged)
Selections from The Decameron (abridged)
The Decameron (unabridged)
The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire – Part 1 (abridged)
The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire – Part 2 (abridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume I (unabridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume II (unabridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume III (unabridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume IV (unabridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (unabridged)
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume VI (unabridged)
Democracy in America (unabridged)
Descartes – An Introduction (selections)
The Descent of Man (unabridged)
Desperate Remedies (unabridged)
The Devil's Dictionary (unabridged)
Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions and Death’s Duel (unabridged)
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and The Natural History of Religion (unabridged)
The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Diary of a Nobody (unabridged)
Selections from The Diary of Samuel Pepys (abridged)
The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume I: 1660-1663 (unabridged)
The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume II: 1664-1666 (unabridged)
The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume III: 1667-1669 (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Emily Dickinson (selections)
Opera Explained – Die Fledermaus (unabridged)
Dinosaurs (unabridged)
Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality Among Men (unabridged)
Discover Music of the Baroque Era (unabridged)
Discover Music of the Romantic Era (unabridged)
A Dog’s Heart (unabridged)
Dombey and Son (abridged)
Dombey and Son (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Don Giovanni (unabridged)
Don Juan (unabridged)
Don Quixote (abridged)
Don Quixote (unabridged)
The Door (unabridged)
Dr Thorne (unabridged)
Dracula (abridged)
Dracula (unabridged)
Dracula’s Guest and Other Stories (unabridged)
Dragon Tales (unabridged)
Dreaming of Jupiter (unabridged)
Dubliners (unabridged)
Dubliners – Part I (unabridged)
Dubliners – Part II (unabridged)
The Duke’s Children (unabridged)
Life & Works – Antonín Dvořák (unabridged)
The Essential Dylan Thomas (unabridged)
The Eagle of the Ninth (abridged)
East Lynne (unabridged)
The Essential Edgar Allan Poe (selections)
Effi Briest (unabridged)
Elidor (unabridged)
Elizabeth and Her German Garden (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti (selections)
Elmer Gantry (unabridged)
Eminent Victorians (unabridged)
Emma (abridged)
Emma (unabridged)
The Empty House and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Enchanted April (unabridged)
The Enchanted Castle (abridged)
The Encheiridion and Discourses (unabridged)
Essays (unabridged)
The Essential Remembrance of Things Past (abridged)
Ethan Frome (unabridged)
The Europeans (unabridged)
The Eustace Diamonds (unabridged)
Evgenii Onegin (unabridged)
The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard (unabridged)
Selections from The Faerie Queene (abridged)
The Faerie Queene (unabridged)
Fairy Tales (unabridged)
The Fall of the House of Usher and other tales of mystery and imagination (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Falstaff (unabridged)
A Family Christmas (unabridged)
Famous Americans in History (unabridged)
Famous Composers (unabridged)
Famous Heroes of the American West (unabridged)
Famous People in History – Volume 1 (unabridged)
Famous People in History – Volume 2 (unabridged)
Fanny Hill (abridged)
Fanny Hill (unabridged)
Young Adult Classics – Far From the Madding Crowd (abridged)
Far From the Madding Crowd (abridged)
Far From the Madding Crowd (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Far From the Madding Crowd (unabridged)
Farewell the Trumpets (abridged)
Farewell the Trumpets (unabridged)
Father Goriot (unabridged)
Faust (abridged)
Favourite Essays: An Anthology (selections)
Favourite Poems for Children (selections)
Fear and Trembling (unabridged)
The Female Quixote (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Fidelio (unabridged)
The Final Count (unabridged)
The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear (selections)
Finnegans Wake (unabridged)
The First Men in the Moon (unabridged)
Five Children and It (abridged)
Flanagan’s Run (abridged)
Flanagan’s Run (unabridged)
The Flowers of Evil (unabridged)
Opera Explained – The Flying Dutchman (unabridged)
The Forsyte Chronicles, Vol. 1: The Forsyte Saga (unabridged)
The Forsyte Chronicles, Vol. 2: A Modern Comedy (unabridged)
The Forsyte Chronicles, Vol. 3: End of the Chapter (unabridged)
The Four Just Men (unabridged)
Four Short Stories (unabridged)
Framley Parsonage (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Francesco Petrarch (selections)
Young Adult Classics – Frankenstein (abridged)
Frankenstein (abridged)
Frankenstein (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Frankenstein (unabridged)
The French Revolution – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
Very Short Introductions – Freud (abridged)
From Shakespeare – with love (selections)
From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon (unabridged)
The Fugitive (abridged)
The Fugitive (unabridged)
Full Tilt (unabridged)
The Further Adventures of Zorro (unabridged)
The Gallic War (unabridged)
Gargantua and Pantagruel (unabridged)
The General Prologue & The Physician’s Tale (unabridged)
Germinal (unabridged)
Ghost Stories (unabridged)
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (unabridged)
The Glory of Ancient Greece (unabridged)
The Go-Between (unabridged)
The Golden Ass (unabridged)
The Golden Bowl (unabridged)
The Golden Notebook (unabridged)
The Good Soldier Švejk (abridged)
The Good Soldier (unabridged)
Good Wives (abridged)
Gormenghast (abridged)
Great Adventurers (unabridged)
Great Expectations (abridged)
Great Expectations (unabridged)
Great Explorers of the World (unabridged)
The Great Gatsby (unabridged)
Great Ghost Stories (unabridged)
The Great God Pan and Other Weird Tales (unabridged)
Great Historical Shakespeare Recordings (selections)
Great Inventors and their Inventions (unabridged)
Great Men and Women in the History of Medicine (unabridged)
Great Narrative Poems of the Romantic Age (unabridged)
Great Poets of the Romantic Age (unabridged)
The Great Poets: The War Poetry of Wilfred Owen (unabridged)
Great Rulers of Ancient Rome (unabridged)
Great Scientists and their Discoveries (unabridged)
Great Speeches & Soliloquies of Shakespeare (selections)
Great Speeches in History (compilation)
Great Victorians (unabridged)
Greek Lives (abridged)
Grimms’ Fairy Tales (selections)
Grimms’ Fairy Tales – Volume 2 (selections)
The Guermantes Way Part 1 (abridged)
The Guermantes Way Part 2 (abridged)
The Guermantes Way (unabridged)
A Guide to Wine (unabridged)
Gulliver’s Travels (abridged)
Gulliver’s Travels (unabridged)
Gulliver’s Travels: Retold for younger listeners (abridged)
Hamlet (Gielgud) (abridged)
Hamlet (unabridged)
The Hand of Ethelberta (unabridged)
The Happy Prince (abridged)
Hard Times (abridged)
Hard Times (unabridged)
The Haunted Hotel (unabridged)
Life & Works – Joseph Haydn (unabridged)
Joseph Haydn: His Life and Works (unabridged)
The Hearing Trumpet (unabridged)
Heart of Darkness (unabridged)
Heaven’s Command (abridged)
Heaven’s Command (unabridged)
Hedda Gabler (unabridged)
Heidi (abridged)
Henry V (unabridged)
A Hero of Our Time (unabridged)
Hester (unabridged)
Hiawatha (unabridged)
Hide and Seek (unabridged)
Histories (unabridged)
The Histories (unabridged)
The History of Classical Music (unabridged)
The History of English Literature (unabridged)
The History of English Poetry (unabridged)
The History of Opera (unabridged)
The History of Rasselas (unabridged)
The History of Science (unabridged)
History of the Conquest of Mexico (abridged)
The History of The Musical (unabridged)
A History of the Olympics (unabridged)
A History of the Olympics (unabridged)
The History of the Peloponnesian War (abridged)
The History of the World Cup – 2010 Edition (unabridged)
A History of the World in 10½ Chapters (unabridged)
The History of Theatre (unabridged)
The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling (abridged)
The History of Western Art (unabridged)
The Hollow Needle: The Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Oliver Wendell Holmes (selections)
The Great Poets – Gerard Manley Hopkins (selections)
Young Adult Classics – The Hound of the Baskervilles (abridged)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (unabridged)
A House for Mr Biswas (unabridged)
The House of Mirth (unabridged)
The House of the Dead (unabridged)
The House of the Seven Gables (abridged)
The House of the Seven Gables (unabridged)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (abridged)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (unabridged)
Hunger (unabridged)
The Idiot (abridged)
The Idiot (unabridged)
Idylls of the King (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Il trovatore (unabridged)
The Iliad (abridged)
The Iliad (unabridged)
The Imitation of Christ (unabridged)
Imperialism (unabridged)
The Importance of Being Earnest (unabridged)
In a Glass Darkly (unabridged)
In Praise of Shadows (unabridged)
In the Ravine and Other Short Stories (unabridged)
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm (unabridged)
The Inferno (unabridged)
The Innocence of Father Brown – Volume 1 (unabridged)
The Innocence of Father Brown – Volume 2 (unabridged)
The Instruments of the Orchestra (unabridged)
The Interior Castle (unabridged)
The Interpretation of Dreams (unabridged)
Introducing Postmodernism (abridged)
The Invisible Man (unabridged)
The Island of Doctor Moreau (unabridged)
The Island Race (abridged)
The Italian (unabridged)
Ivanhoe (abridged)
Ivanhoe (unabridged)
Jacob’s Room (unabridged)
Jane Austen: A Biography (unabridged)
Young Adult Classics – Jane Eyre (abridged)
Jane Eyre (abridged)
Jane Eyre (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Jane Eyre (unabridged)
Jason and the Argonauts (unabridged)
Jezebel’s Daughter (unabridged)
Jigsaw (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Donne (selections)
Joseph Andrews (unabridged)
Journal of the Plague Year (unabridged)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (unabridged)
Jude the Obscure (unabridged)
Julius Caesar (unabridged)
Very Short Introductions – Jung (abridged)
The Jungle Books (abridged)
Jupiter’s Travels (unabridged)
The Just Men of Cordova (unabridged)
Just So Stories (unabridged)
Justine (abridged)
Justine (unabridged)
Justine (unabridged)
The Kabuliwallah and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Kalevala (unabridged)
Karma and Rebirth – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Keats (selections)
Kidnapped (abridged)
Kidnapped (unabridged)
Kim (abridged)
Kim (unabridged)
King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table (unabridged)
King Lear (unabridged)
King Richard III (unabridged)
King Solomon’s Mines (abridged)
Kings and Queens of England (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Rudyard Kipling (selections)
The Knyghte’s Tale (unabridged)
Krapp’s Last Tape (unabridged)
The Kreutzer Sonata (unabridged)
La Bête Humaine (unabridged)
Opera Explained – La Bohème (unabridged)
La Dame aux Camélias (unabridged)
La Rabouilleuse (unabridged)
Opera Explained – La sonnambula (unabridged)
La Terre (unabridged)
Opera Explained – La Traviata (unabridged)
La Vita Nuova (unabridged)
The Ladies' Paradise (unabridged)
Lady Audley’s Secret (unabridged)
Lady Chatterley’s Lover (abridged)
Lady Chatterley’s Lover (unabridged)
The Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Lady of the Camellias (abridged)
Lady Susan (unabridged)
Lady Windermere’s Fan (unabridged)
A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains (unabridged)
The Lair of the White Worm (unabridged)
A Laodicean (unabridged)
The Last Chronicle of Barset (unabridged)
The Last of the Mohicans (abridged)
The Last of the Mohicans (unabridged)
The Law and the Lady (unabridged)
Le Grand Meaulnes (unabridged)
Le Morte d'Arthur (unabridged)
Les Misérables (abridged)
Les Misérables (unabridged)
The Letters of Abelard and Heloise (unabridged)
Leviathan (unabridged)
The Life & Work of Marcel Proust (unabridged)
The Life and Works of Beethoven (unabridged)
The Life and Works of Chopin (unabridged)
The Life and Works of Chopin (unabridged)
The Life and Works of Liszt (unabridged)
A Life of Dante (unabridged)
A Life of Johnson (abridged)
The Life of Mozart (unabridged)
The Life of Oscar Wilde (abridged)
The Life of Samuel Johnson (unabridged)
A Life of Shakespeare (abridged)
The Life & Works of W.B. Yeats (unabridged)
Little Dorrit (abridged)
Little Dorrit (unabridged)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (abridged)
Little Men (abridged)
A Little of What You Fancy (unabridged)
A Little Princess (abridged)
Little Women (abridged)
Little Women (unabridged)
Selections from The Lives of the Artists (abridged)
The Lives of the Twelve Caesars (abridged)
London Labour and the London Poor (unabridged)
A Long Day in a Short Life (unabridged)
Looking Backward: 2000–1887 (unabridged)
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Lord Byron (selections)
Lord Jim (unabridged)
Lorna Doone (abridged)
Lorna Doone (unabridged)
The Lost World (abridged)
The Lost World (unabridged)
A Lover’s Gift: From Her to Him (selections)
A Lover’s Gift: From Him to Her (selections)
Opera Explained – L’elisir d’amore (unabridged)
The Mabinogion (unabridged)
Macbeth (unabridged)
Machiavelli: His Life and Times (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Madama Butterfly (unabridged)
Madame Bovary (abridged)
Madame Bovary (unabridged)
Opera Explained – The Magic Flute (unabridged)
The Magus (unabridged)
Malone Dies (unabridged)
Man and Wife (unabridged)
The Man in the Iron Mask (unabridged)
The Man in the Iron Mask (abridged)
The Man Who Disappeared (America) (unabridged)
The Man Who Would Be King and Other Stories (unabridged)
Mansfield Park (abridged)
Mansfield Park (unabridged)
The Mark of Zorro (unabridged)
Opera Explained – The Marriage of Figaro (unabridged)
The Marsh Arabs (unabridged)
Martin Chuzzlewit (abridged)
Martin Chuzzlewit (unabridged)
The Marvelous Land of Oz (abridged)
The Great Poets – John Masefield (selections)
The Master and Margarita (abridged)
The Master and Margarita (unabridged)
The Master of Ballantrae (unabridged)
The Masterpiece (unabridged)
The Mayor of Casterbridge (unabridged)
The Great Poets – William McGonagall (selections)
Meditations (unabridged)
Meditations on First Philosophy and Discourse on the Method (unabridged)
Meditation – The Buddhist Way (unabridged)
Memoirs of My Life (unabridged)
The Merchant of Venice (unabridged)
Metamorphoses (unabridged)
Metamorphosis (unabridged)
The Metaphysical Poets (selections)
The Middle Way (unabridged)
Middlemarch (abridged)
Middlemarch (unabridged)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (unabridged)
The Mill on the Floss (abridged)
The Mill on the Floss (unabridged)
The Great Poets – John Milton (selections)
The Essential John Milton (selections)
The Mimic Men (unabridged)
Moby-Dick (abridged)
Moby-Dick (unabridged)
Moll Flanders (abridged)
Moll Flanders (unabridged)
Molloy (unabridged)
Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy (unabridged)
Money (unabridged)
The Monk (unabridged)
Monkey (unabridged)
The Moon of Gomrath (unabridged)
The Moonlit Road (selections)
The Moonstone (abridged)
The Moonstone (unabridged)
More About Worzel Gummidge (unabridged)
More Famous Composers (unabridged)
More Great Inventors and Their Inventions (unabridged)
More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries (unabridged)
Moses (unabridged)
Mountolive (abridged)
Mountolive (unabridged)
Life & Works – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (unabridged)
Mrs Dalloway (unabridged)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue (unabridged)
Music & Silence (abridged)
My Ántonia (unabridged)
My Bondage and My Freedom (unabridged)
My Childhood (unabridged)
The Mysteries of Udolpho (unabridged)
The Mysterious Island (unabridged)
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (unabridged)
Nana (unabridged)
Naples ’44 (unabridged)
Napoleon – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym (unabridged)
Narrow Road to the Interior, Hōjōki (unabridged)
The Natural History of Selborne (unabridged)
The Nether World (unabridged)
Never Cry Wolf (unabridged)
New Grub Street (unabridged)
The New Testament (selections)
New Treasure Seekers (abridged)
News from Nowhere (unabridged)
Nicholas Nickleby (abridged)
Nicholas Nickleby (unabridged)
Night and Day (unabridged)
Nightmare Alley (unabridged)
Njáls Saga (unabridged)
No Name (unabridged)
Normandy Stories (selections)
North and South (abridged)
North and South (unabridged)
Northanger Abbey (abridged)
Northanger Abbey (unabridged)
Nostromo (abridged)
Nostromo (unabridged)
Notes from Underground and The Gambler (unabridged)
O Pioneers! (unabridged)
The Oaken Heart (unabridged)
The Odd Women (unabridged)
The Odyssey (abridged)
The Odyssey (unabridged)
Oedipus (unabridged)
Oh! To Be in England (unabridged)
The Old Curiosity Shop (abridged)
The Old Curiosity Shop (unabridged)
The Old Testament (selections)
Oliver Twist (abridged)
Oliver Twist (unabridged)
Oliver Twist: Retold for Younger Listeners (abridged)
On the Genealogy of Morals (unabridged)
On the Happy Life – The Complete Dialogues (unabridged)
On the Nature of Things (unabridged)
On the Origin of Species (unabridged)
On War (unabridged)
The Once and Future King (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Orfeo (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Orfeo ed Euridice (unabridged)
Orlando (abridged)
Orlando (unabridged)
Oroonoko (unabridged)
Othello (abridged)
Othello (unabridged)
Our Island Story (complete) (unabridged)
Our Island Story – Volume 1 (unabridged)
Our Island Story – Volume 2 (unabridged)
Our Island Story – Volume 3 (unabridged)
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
Our Mutual Friend (unabridged)
The Owl Service (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Pagliacci (unabridged)
A Pair of Blue Eyes (unabridged)
Pamela (unabridged)
Paradise (unabridged)
Paradise Lost (abridged)
Paradise Lost (unabridged)
Paradise Regained (unabridged)
The Pardoners Tale (unabridged)
Parzival (unabridged)
Pax Britannica (abridged)
Pax Britannica (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Pelléas et Mélisande (unabridged)
Pensées (unabridged)
The Perfumed Garden (unabridged)
The Periodic Table (unabridged)
The Persian Expedition (unabridged)
The Persian War (abridged)
Persuasion (abridged)
Persuasion (unabridged)
Peter Pan (abridged)
The Phantom of the Opera (abridged)
The Phantom of the Opera (unabridged)
A Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful (unabridged)
Phineas Finn (unabridged)
Phineas Redux (unabridged)
The Phoenix and the Carpet (abridged)
The Pickwick Papers (abridged)
The Pickwick Papers (unabridged)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (abridged)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (unabridged)
The Pied Piper, and other favourite poems (compilation)
Piers Plowman (unabridged)
The Pilgrim’s Progress (abridged)
The Pilgrim’s Progress (unabridged)
Pinocchio (abridged)
Pirates! (unabridged)
The Planets and The Solar System (unabridged)
The Playboy of the Western World (unabridged)
The Pleasures of the Garden (selections)
Poems of the Orient (selections)
The Poetic Edda (unabridged)
Poetics/Rhetoric (unabridged)
Poetry for the Winter Season (unabridged)
The Poison Belt (unabridged)
Pollyanna (abridged)
Popular Poetry, Popular Verse – Volume I (selections)
Popular Poetry, Popular Verse – Volume II (selections)
Port Authority (unabridged)
The Portrait of a Lady (abridged)
The Portrait of a Lady (unabridged)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (abridged)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (unabridged)
The Possessed (unabridged)
Pragmatism and The Meaning of Truth (unabridged)
The Prelude (unabridged)
Young Adult Classics – Pride and Prejudice (abridged)
Pride and Prejudice (abridged)
Pride and Prejudice (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Pride and Prejudice (unabridged)
Pride and Prejudice (unabridged)
The Prime Minister (unabridged)
The Prince and the Pauper (abridged)
The Prince (unabridged)
The Prisoner of Zenda (unabridged)
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (unabridged)
The Professor (unabridged)
The Prophet, & The Wanderer (unabridged)
The Psalms (unabridged)
Puck of Pook’s Hill (unabridged)
Purgatory (unabridged)
Pygmalion (unabridged)
The Quest for Corvo: An Experiment in Biography (unabridged)
Quo Vadis (unabridged)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (abridged)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (unabridged)
The Railway Children (abridged)
The Rainbow (unabridged)
Realms of Gold (unabridged)
The Red and the Black (abridged)
The Red and the Black (unabridged)
The Red Badge of Courage (abridged)
Reflections on the Revolution in France (unabridged)
Religions of the World (unabridged)
Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (unabridged)
The Renaissance – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
The Republic (abridged)
The Republic (unabridged)
Restoration (abridged)
Resurrection (unabridged)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes – Volume I (unabridged)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes – Volume II (unabridged)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes – Volume III (unabridged)
The Return of the Native (unabridged)
The Revelation of St John the Divine (unabridged)
Revelations of Divine Love (unabridged)
The Riddle of the Sands (abridged)
Rights of Man (abridged)
Rights of Man (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Rigoletto (unabridged)
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Other Stories (unabridged)
Opera Explained – The Ring of the Nibelung (unabridged)
Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Pride of the Village & The Spectre Bridegroom (unabridged)
The Road Home (abridged)
The Road to Oxiana (unabridged)
Rob Roy (unabridged)
Robin Hood (unabridged)
Robinson Crusoe (abridged)
Robinson Crusoe (unabridged)
Robinson Crusoe: Retold for Younger Listeners (abridged)
Roderick Hudson (unabridged)
Roman Lives (abridged)
Romeo and Juliet (unabridged)
Romola (unabridged)
The Rule of St Benedict (unabridged)
Rupert of Hentzau (unabridged)
Rural Rides (unabridged)
Sacred Elephant (unabridged)
Samson Agonistes (unabridged)
Sartor Resartus (unabridged)
The Satyricon (unabridged)
The Scarlet Letter (abridged)
The Scarlet Letter (unabridged)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (unabridged)
Scenes of Clerical Life (unabridged)
The School for Scandal (abridged)
Life & Works – Franz Schubert (unabridged)
Scouting for Boys (abridged)
The Sea-Wolf (abridged)
The Secret Agent (unabridged)
The Secret Garden (abridged)
The Secret History (unabridged)
Selected Poetry by Lewis Carroll (selections)
Sense and Sensibility (abridged)
Sense and Sensibility (unabridged)
Sentimental Education (unabridged)
A Sentimental Journey (unabridged)
Seven Ages (unabridged)
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (abridged)
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (unabridged)
The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Whisperer in Darkness (unabridged)
The Shadow-Line (unabridged)
Shakespeare’s Lovers (unabridged)
Shamela (unabridged)
She (abridged)
She – A History of Adventure (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Percy Bysshe Shelley (selections)
Shirley (unabridged)
The Shooting Party (unabridged)
A Shropshire Lad (unabridged)
The Sign of Four (unabridged)
The Sign of Zorro (unabridged)
Silas Marner (abridged)
Silas Marner (unabridged)
A Simple Story (unabridged)
The Essential Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (selections)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (unabridged)
Sister Carrie (unabridged)
Sketches by Boz (abridged)
The Small House at Allington (unabridged)
The Snow Queen and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Social Contract (unabridged)
Sodom and Gomorrah (unabridged)
Sodom and Gomorrah – Part I (abridged)
Sodom and Gomorrah – Part II (abridged)
The Song of Roland (unabridged)
The Sonnets (unabridged)
Sons and Lovers (abridged)
Sons and Lovers (unabridged)
South (unabridged)
The Spiritual Verses (abridged)
The Spoils of Poynton (unabridged)
Stories from Shakespeare (unabridged)
Stories from Shakespeare 2 (unabridged)
Stories from Shakespeare 3 (unabridged)
Stories from Shakespeare – The Plantagenets (unabridged)
The Story of Classical Music (unabridged)
The Story of Classical Music (unabridged)
The Story of Jesus (unabridged)
The Story of My Life, Volume 1 (unabridged)
The Story of My Life, Volume 2 (unabridged)
The Story of My Life, Volume 3 (unabridged)
The Story of the Amulet (abridged)
The Story of the Bible (unabridged)
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Markheim (unabridged)
Young Adult Classics – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (abridged)
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (abridged)
Studies in the History of the Renaissance (unabridged)
A Study in Scarlet (unabridged)
Summer (unabridged)
Swann in Love (abridged)
Swann’s Way (abridged)
Swann’s Way (unabridged)
The Swiss Family Robinson (abridged)
The Sword In The Stone (unabridged)
The Sword in the Stone (abridged)
Sybil (unabridged)
Symposium (unabridged)
A Tale of a Tub (unabridged)
A Tale of One January (unabridged)
The Tale of Troy (unabridged)
A Tale of Two Cities (abridged)
A Tale of Two Cities (unabridged)
Tales from The Arabian Nights (selections)
Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)
More Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)
Tales from the Norse Legends (unabridged)
Tales of Irish Myths (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Tancredi (unabridged)
Life & Works – Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky (unabridged)
The Tempest (unabridged)
Ten Days that Shook the World (unabridged)
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Alfred Lord Tennyson (selections)
Tess of the d'Urbervilles (unabridged)
Tess of the D’Urbervilles (abridged)
Tevye the Milkman (unabridged)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
The Towers of Trebizond (unabridged)
Thérèse Raquin (unabridged)
They Saw It Happen (unabridged)
The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories (unabridged)
The Third Policeman (abridged)
The Third Policeman (unabridged)
The Third Round (unabridged)
This Side of Paradise (unabridged)
Three Lives (unabridged)
Three Men in a Boat (unabridged)
The Three Musketeers (abridged)
The Three Musketeers (unabridged)
Three Tales (unabridged)
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (abridged)
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (unabridged)
Thumbelina and other Fairy Tales (selections)
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (abridged)
Tibet – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
The Time Machine (unabridged)
Time Regained (abridged)
Time Regained (unabridged)
Titus Awakes (abridged)
Titus Alone (abridged)
Titus Groan (abridged)
To the Island of Tides (unabridged)
To the Lighthouse (abridged)
To the Lighthouse (unabridged)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (unabridged)
Tom Jones (unabridged)
Torrents of Spring (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Tosca (unabridged)
The Tragic Muse (unabridged)
The Travels of Marco Polo (unabridged)
Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes (abridged)
Treasure Island (abridged)
Treasure Island (unabridged)
The Treasure Seekers (abridged)
The Trial and Death of Socrates (unabridged)
The Trial (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Tristan und Isolde (unabridged)
Tristram Shandy (abridged)
Tristram Shandy (unabridged)
The Trumpet-Major (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Turandot (unabridged)
Turn of the Screw (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Young Adult Classics – The Turn of the Screw (abridged)
The Turn of the Screw (abridged)
The Turn of the Screw (unabridged)
Twelfth Night (unabridged)
Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist (unabridged)
Two on a Tower (unabridged)
Two Years Before the Mast (unabridged)
Ulysses (abridged)
Ulysses (unabridged)
Uncle Silas (unabridged)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (abridged)
Under Milk Wood and other plays (unabridged)
Under the Greenwood Tree (unabridged)
The Unnamable (unabridged)
Utopia (unabridged)
The Valley of Fear (unabridged)
Vanity Fair (abridged)
Vanity Fair (unabridged)
Venice (abridged)
Venice (unabridged)
Venus & Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece (unabridged)
Vera (unabridged)
Life & Works – Giuseppe Verdi (unabridged)
The Vicar of Wakefield (abridged)
The Vicar of Wakefield (unabridged)
Victory (unabridged)
The Vikings (unabridged)
Villette (abridged)
Villette (unabridged)
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (unabridged)
The Virgin and the Gypsy (unabridged)
The Virginian (unabridged)
The Visible World (unabridged)
The Voice of the Buddha (compilation)
Voices of Black America (compilation)
The Voyage Out (unabridged)
Wagner – His Life and Music (unabridged)
Waiting for Godot (unabridged)
Walden (abridged)
Walden, and Civil Disobedience (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Walt Whitman (selections)
War & Peace - Volume I (unabridged)
War & Peace - Volume II (unabridged)
War and Peace (abridged)
The Warden (unabridged)
Washington Square (unabridged)
The Watsons, Sanditon (unabridged)
Waverley (unabridged)
The Waves (abridged)
The Waves (unabridged)
The Way of All Flesh (unabridged)
The Way of Perfection (unabridged)
The Way We Live Now (unabridged)
The Wealth of Nations (abridged)
The Wealth of Nations (unabridged)
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (unabridged)
The Well-Beloved (unabridged)
Opera Explained – Werther (unabridged)
Wessex Tales (unabridged)
Whale Nation (unabridged)
What Katy Did (abridged)
What Katy Did at School (abridged)
What Maisie Knew (unabridged)
What Not (unabridged)
When the Green Woods Laugh (unabridged)
The Whispering Land (unabridged)
White Fang (abridged)
The White Guard (unabridged)
Wieland (unabridged)
The Wind in the Willows (abridged)
The Wings of the Dove (abridged)
The Wings of the Dove (unabridged)
Winter Words (unabridged)
The Witch in the Wood & The Ill-Made Knight (unabridged)
Within a Budding Grove (unabridged)
Within a Budding Grove – Part 1 (abridged)
Within a Budding Grove – Part 2 (abridged)
Wives and Daughters (abridged)
Wives and Daughters (unabridged)
The Woman in White (abridged)
The Woman in White (unabridged)
The Woman Who Saved the Children (unabridged)
Women In Love (unabridged)
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (abridged)
The Woodlanders (unabridged)
The Great Poets – William Wordsworth (selections)
The World My Wilderness (unabridged)
Worzel Gummidge (unabridged)
Worzel Gummidge Again (unabridged)
Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (unabridged)
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday (unabridged)
The Wouldbegoods (abridged)
Young Adult Classics – Wuthering Heights (abridged)
Wuthering Heights (abridged)
Wuthering Heights (Educational Edition) (unabridged)
Wuthering Heights (unabridged)
The Great Poets – W.B. Yeats (selections)
The Yosemite (unabridged)
Youth & Heart of Darkness (abridged)
Zeno’s Conscience (unabridged)
Zofloya, or The Moor (unabridged)
A Zoo in My Luggage (unabridged)
Zorro Rides Again (unabridged)