Instruments of the Orchestra

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Jeremy Siepmann

The Instruments of the Orchestra

Read by Jeremy Siepmann


Instruments of the orchestra, yes, but not just instruments in the orchestra. This is a set of portraits in depth, featuring individual instruments in many contexts (orchestral, chamber, folk, solo, operatic, cinematic, even jazz and avant-garde music) and in pieces from the Middle Ages to the present. Joining regular members are such exotic visitors as the eerie ondes martenot, the wind machine, banjos, bagpipes, coconuts, typewriters, six-shooters, taxi horns, and migrating swans − and the hundreds of examples range from illustrative snippets to entire movements. The first CD is devoted entirely to the violin, and the last to the greatest instrument at all, the orchestra itself.

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  • Running Time: 8 h 02 m

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    Released:October 2002
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Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award

Originally intended as a single CD, this brilliant, insightful and frequently humorous study of the orchestra eventually turned into a massive seven-CD set with a 200-page booklet. Writer and narrator Jeremy Siepmann spent a year finding the best musical excerpts to illustrate his richly informative text. The first CD concentrates on the violin alone, building up a compelling portrait by showing it in every conceivable situation, style and tone. And Siepmann doesn’t use classical music alone for his illustrations; he also dips into folk music, popular music and gypsy music to show each instrument’s scope – so each has its own biography. A constant delight for the ears, this should surely be a fixture in every musically curious household.


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