The Satyricon (unabridged)

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The Satyricon

Read by Jonathan Keeble


Petronius’ Satyricon is a rampant and vivacious Roman adventure dating back to the first century, during the reign of Nero. It follows the exploits of Encolpius, an impoverished ex-gladiator, and his boy-lover Giton. The action is fleet and the narrative sweeping: over the course of their journey we meet a host of lewd and comical rogues, including beggars, prostitutes, poets, sodomites and pedants, and witness many strange and curious events, including a remarkably vulgar multi-course feast, hosted by the pompous nouveau riche Trimalchio. Considered the Odyssey of the illicit and debaucherous, the Satyricon is an exhilarating look at the underbelly of Roman society.

  • Running Time: 6 h 17 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-127-6
    Cat. no.:NA0306
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    Produced by:John Foley
    Edited by:Nikki Ruck
    Translated by:W.C. Firebaugh (updated)
    Released:May 2018
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Sounding downright jovial at times, Jonathan Keeble uses a classic aristocratic English delivery to portray Encolpius, the ex-gladiator and polished raconteur who narrates this satirical proto-novel. He leads the listener on a historically insightful, hilarious, thoroughly exotic, and erotically charged romp through a series of gay bordellos, opulent estates, detailed deviant sexual practices, and vulgar feasts in the time of Emperor Nero’s Rome. Author Gaius Petronius’s character sketches and comic dialogues can sound amazingly modern – think John Waters in a toga. Satyricon will certainly be heard as a stinging comedy of manners, but there is also room to hear it as a 1,900-year-old ‘coming-out’ declaration for ancient LGBTQ rights and recognition. Fascinating and anciently X-rated.

B.P., AudioFile

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