Njál's Saga (unabridged)

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Njáls Saga

Read by Gunnar Cauthery


Based on events that took place between 960 and 1020 AD, Njál’s Saga is a mesmerising drama about a multigenerational cycle of violence and retribution, and the feuds and passions that perpetuate it. The eponymous sage Njál, known for his keen legal mind, is one of Iceland’s pre-eminent men, along with Gunnar of Hlidarendi, a fierce and formidable warrior married to the diabolical Hallgerd, whose conniving instigates the interminable pattern of romance, action and brutality – until one unforgivable act ends it all. Njál’s Saga is considered the greatest of the Icelandic sagas and is notable for its historical value, as it provides glimpses of a society transitioning away from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, and establishing the social and legal mores of its present.

  • Running Time: 13 h 05 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-269-3
    Cat. no.:NA0375
    Download size:298 MB
    Produced by:John Foley
    Executive Producer:Anthony Anderson
    Edited by:Andrew Riches
    Translated by:George Webbe Dasent (updated)
    Released:December 2019
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Dramatic and compelling, this medieval novel recounting bloody feuds and complex legal battles in Iceland, along with adventures and battles abroad, is often flat in the writing. Much of Gunnar Cauthery’s narration is similarly – and fittingly – flat in tone, but still expressive. When emotion in speeches is required, or appropriate, he provides it. His pronunciation of Norse names is convincing and authoritative. There would be no point trying to give all the shifting wilderness of characters unique voices; Cauthery gives distinctive voices to major figures and differentiates the rest sufficiently. His pacing and match of expression to sense are unnoticeably deft, allowing the listener to simply absorb the story. This is a skilled presentation of a remarkable work, a historic treasure.

W.M., AudioFile

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