Winter Words (unabridged)

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Thomas Hardy

Winter Words

Read by Bruce Alexander & Janet Maw


This selection of Hardy’s poetry does full justice to its humanity, integrity, humour and evocative power, ranging from charming anthology pieces such as ‘Weathers’ to the great love poems he wrote after the death of his first wife and the meditations on war and philosophy. The poems – nearly eighty in total – are set in the context of his life and thought, including personal writings by him and those closest to him.

  • Running Time: 2 h 17 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-962-954-656-4
    Cat. no.:NA237312
    Download size:33 MB
    Produced by:Nicolas Soames
    Edited by:Beth Hammond
    Compiled by:Perry Keenlyside
    Released:January 2006
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  • The Oxen
  • A Church Romance
  • The Self-Seeing
  • Neutral Tones
  • When I Set Out for Lyonnesse
  • Domicilium
  • During Wind and Rain
  • The House of Hospitalities
  • Night In The Old Home
  • A Trampwoman’s Tragedy
  • At The Railway Station, Upway
  • One Ralph Blossom Soliloquizes
  • The Ruined Maid
  • The Lost Pyx: A Medieval Legend
  • Great Things
  • Weathers
  • Snow in the Suburbs
  • The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House
  • In Tenebris I
  • In Tenebris II
  • Wessex Heights
  • At Day-Close in November
  • Shut Out That Moon
  • The Five Students
  • A Commonplace Day
  • I Look into my Glass
  • Nobody Comes
  • Exeunt Omnes
  • The Workbox
  • Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?
  • In Church
  • In the Cemetery
  • At Tea
  • At a Watering Place
  • The Curate’s Kindness A Workhouse Irony
  • The Rash Bride: An Experience of the Mellstock Quire
  • A Countenance
  • The Contretemps
  • Plena Timoris
  • Molly Gone
  • A Broken Appointment
  • The Division
  • The Photograph
  • Thoughts of Phena at News of her Death
  • Her Death and After
  • Her Immortality
  • A Night in November
  • He Prefers Her Earthly
  • Under the Waterfall
  • The Going
  • The Frozen Greenhouse: St Juliot
  • I Found Her Out There
  • The Haunter
  • The Voice
  • His Visitor
  • After a Journey
  • Beeny Cliff: March 1870-March 1913
  • At Castle Boterel
  • Before Life and After
  • In The British Museum
  • In the Servants’ Quarters
  • Epitaph on a Pessimist: from the French and Greek
  • The Darkling Thrush
  • The Convergence of the Twain
  • Men Who March Away Song of the Soldiers, September 5th, 1914
  • Channel Firing: April 1914
  • A Christmas Ghost Story Christmas Eve, 1899
  • Drummer Hodge
  • In Time Of ‘The Breaking Of Nations’ 1915
  • Afterwards

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