City of God (unabridged)

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St Augustine

City of God

Read by Mark Meadows


Written after the capture of Rome in 410 by Alaric, King of the Visigoths, St Augustine’s City of God was intended as a response to pagan critics who blamed Christianity for this brutal defeat. Augustine attacks ancient pagan beliefs and relates the corruption and immorality that led to Rome’s downfall, which began before Christ, before reaching his main argument: that the City of Man is perishing and only the Heavenly City of God will endure. Members of the City of Man, misled by vanities and futile laws, will suffer the same fate as the Romans, while those of the City of God, who act in harmony with God’s will, will reach salvation and paradise. Monumental in its scope, City of God is a theological and philosophical treasure trove that offers fascinating insights into the perennial problems of Christian philosophy, such as free will and the problem of evil, as well as the long-standing conflict between church and state.

  • Running Time: 46 h 23 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-323-2
    Cat. no.:NA0463
    Produced by:Chatterbox Audio
    Edited by:Chatterbox Audio
    Translated by:Rev. Marcus Dods
    BISAC:HIS002000, REL002000
    Released:September 2020
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Actor and beloved BBC Radio broadcaster Mark Meadows takes on the mighty task of narrating one of the lengthiest and densest explorations of the Christian faith. This epic work of Saint Augustine discusses the false worship of idols and the influence of demons and angels, and waxes poetic about the nature of God and how humans will all experience the same fate, Roman or otherwise. Meadows has the unenviable task of making the lengthy discourse an engaging experience for the casual listener, and he succeeds expertly. His performance makes the language accessible, thanks to his clear delivery and inflection. Listeners will be with this audiobook for some time, and Meadows ensures that the time is well spent.

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