The Mark of Zorro (unabridged)

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Johnston McCulley

The Mark of Zorro

Read by Bill Homewood


The heroic and honourable Zorro, an ace with a whip and a demon with a sword, fights for the poor and oppressed – a far cry from the effete young aristocrat Don Diego, who spends his days reading poetry and dreaming of the beautiful Lolita Pulido. When Lolita’s family faces ruin and accusations of treason, Zorro must step in to save her family and her honour. But who is this masked caballero? With action aplenty, The Mark of Zorro (also known as The Curse of Capistrano) is an exciting tale of adventure and romance that has charmed generations of readers and filmgoers alike.

  • Running Time: 7 h 49 m

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    Released:May 2016
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Penny-shocker author Johnston McCulley launched Zorro, the first caped crusader, in a 1919 series for All-Story Weekly called The Curse of Capistrano. The action takes place in California when it was still under Mexican control and corruption ruled in the southern Californian town of San Juan Capistrano. However, the abused natives, exploited farmers and oppressed priests have a Robin Hood-style champion in Zorro (‘the Fox’), who punishes wrongdoers, protects the weak, and makes irresistible love. No marks for guessing his identity, but you’ll enjoy the ride hugely. The narrator, Bill Homewood, launches himself into the action with relish, gutturally menacing as Sergeant Gonzales, mincing prettily as Lolita Pulido and rolling his Rs richly as the haughty and effete Don Diego.

Christina Hardyment, The Times

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