The Hollow Needle (unabridged)

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Maurice Leblanc

The Hollow Needle: The Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin

Read by David Timson


An exciting and entertaining listen for fans of detective fiction, The Hollow Needle features the popular character Arsène Lupin, gentleman-burglar and master of disguise.

Intrigued by a legend concerning a hollow needle that supposedly holds a secret connected to the French monarchy – a secret that could potentially change the course of history – Lupin embarks on a quest to find the needle and unravel its mystery.

Adventure, mystery and suspense combine in a thrilling narrative that sees Lupin pull out all the stops as he outwits his adversaries and deploys all his cunning in order to solve the needle’s secret.

  • Running Time: 7 h 47 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-487-1
    Cat. no.:NA0599
    Edited by:Ross Burman
    Released:January 24
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In this novel from 1909, Leblanc’s inimitable gentleman-thief Arsène Lupin matches wits against longtime foes Detective Ganimard and the English detective Herlock Sholmes, who are joined by the young, impossibly talented amateur detective Isidore Beautrelet. The book opens with a murder and a sophisticated robbery. While local authorities are stumped, sixth-form student Beautrelet determines the nature of the theft and pinpoints Lupin as its mastermind. Thus ensues a cat-and-mouse game through the French countryside, as Ganimard and Beautrelet, both harboring personal grudges against the dastardly Lupin, try to outwit their quarry before he takes hold of the legendary treasure, the Hollow Needle. Award-winning writer, director, and narrator David Timson provides a perfectly paced, entertaining performance for this audiobook, conveying Lupin’s supercilious snarkiness and Beautrelet’s impassioned inquiries with well-placed tonal shifts. Though some listeners may be confounded by the serpentine plot (perhaps because the novel first appeared as a serial), they will likely enjoy encountering a different side of this popular master of disguise. VERDICT: An intriguing classic that stands the test of time. Share with those who enjoy classic detective fiction and the popular Netflix series Lupin.

Sarah Hashimoto, Library Journal

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