The Secret History (unabridged)

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The Secret History

Read by David Timson


Procopius appeared to be a loyal part of the Byzantine establishment, his official writing glorifying the deeds of the Emperor Justinian (d. AD 565). However, he also produced a work that he knew could never be published within the Emperor’s lifetime: The Secret History, a vitriolic indictment of the rule of Justinian and his wife Theodora.

In The Secret History, the general Belisarius is presented as an idiot who is manipulated by his conniving wife Antonina, while the Emperor is depicted as a demon king, a dishonest and autocratic destroyer of established institutions. The Empress Theodora doesn’t escape Procopius’ invective – she is portrayed as the antithesis of the traditional Roman matron: depraved, brutal and bloodthirsty.

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-473-4
    Cat. no.:NA0590
    Edited by:Timothy Brown
    Translated by:Richard Atwater (updated)
    Released:October 23
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