Quo Vadis (unabridged)

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Henryk Sienkiewicz

Quo Vadis

Read by Peter Wickham


Quo Vadis, best known for its star-studded 1951 film version, was first published in 1896 and contributed to the author’s Nobel Prize for Literature of 1905. Set in the latter years of the reign of Roman Emperor Nero, the plot concerns the love between a young Christian woman, Lygia, and a Roman patrician, Marcus Vinicius. Sienkiewicz was said to have been inspired to write the novel when visiting the Chiesa del Domine Quo Vadis, and the novel is strongly imbued with a pro-Christian sentiment, along with many detailed descriptions of the opulence and debauchery of Nero’s Rome. It is informative, exciting and ultimately uplifting!

  • Running Time: 24 h 44 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-384-3
    Cat. no.:NA0520
    Edited by:Andrew Young, Viva Voce Audio
    Translated by:Jeremiah Curtin (updated)
    Released:November 21
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In the time of Emperor Nero (54–68 CE), a military hero returns to Rome and falls in love with a beautiful princess held hostage by Nero’s court. To win her heart, the Roman citizen acquaints himself with a strange new faith – Christianity. Peter Wickham narrates this fascinating story, first published in Polish in 1896. With typical British assurance he gives an upper-crust, mannered tone to Petronius – the man-about-court; a tough working-class accent to Tigelinus, the feared captain of the guard; a wise tone to Peter the Apostle; and an exasperatingly petulant whine to the Emperor himself. Of course, Rome burns, and the Christians are blamed. The story is historically accurate and entertaining. What’s more, the author won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905.

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