The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (unabridged)

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Rudolf Erich Raspe

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Read by Peter Wickham


From travelling to the moon to fighting a 40-foot-long crocodile and riding a cannonball through the air, Baron von Munchausen’s incredible account of his own adventures has entertained readers since its initial appearance in 1785. The obvious comedy of the book, which lies in Munchausen’s boasts about his own adventures, is heightened by the calm and objective way in which he frames his narrative. The Baron appears to fully believe the death-defying episodes with which he regales his listeners.

The stories of Baron von Munchausen have loomed large in popular culture and have been the subject of several films, most notably that directed by Terry Gilliam in 1988, while many notable artists have found inspiration in the adventures.

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Baron Munchausen is probably best known to Americans as the hero of the 1988 Terry Gilliam film – but he has been amusing Europeans since 1785. This audiobook limits itself to the original text – to which other authors have been adding almost from the beginning – but fully conveys the absurdity that has made the baron an icon. Peter Wickham voices the baron with just the right mix of candor and braggadocio; he’s a man who truly believes he has lived through all his inconceivable adventures. Listeners who are more firmly tethered to reality may not enjoy the humor so much, but those who can embrace the insanity will find this an absolute hoot.

D.M.H., AudioFile

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