Money (unabridged)

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Émile Zola


Read by Leighton Pugh


Zola’s Money (L’Argent, 1891) shows the corrupting effect of untrammelled stock-market speculation. While some seek redemption through philanthropic and evangelical ventures, others – such as the main protagonist, Saccard – embrace their own avarice. Speculators illegally push up share prices so that ordinary citizens are feverishly swept up in an epidemic of small-scale investment. After unsustainable growth, there follows the inevitable crash, unleashing widespread misery and playing out against a backdrop of looming European conflict, colonialism, economic instability and political revolution. As Saccard tries to keep ahead of the financial authorities, he finds himself increasingly haunted by a serious crime from his past.

  • Running Time: 18 h 03 m

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    Digital ISBN:978-1-78198-499-4
    Cat. no.:NA0611
    Produced by:Neil Rosser
    Edited by:Sarah Butcher
    Translated by:Ernest Alfred Vizetelly, updated by Leighton Pugh
    Released:March 24
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